Why Choose WooCommerce for Your Business?

The most important aspect of an ecommerce business is its website, where products can be purchased by visitors. For this reason alone, it is important to make sure that a website is attractive, quick to load, easy to checkout, safe and secure, and developed intelligently. Custom ecommerce websites can cost a lot, and may even take up a lot of temporal resources, which most businesses cannot afford.

Thankfully, there are a number of ecommerce platforms available today, which make building an online store quick and easy. If you have just started an ecommerce business, you might be worried about how to get your business rolling online. The first step would be to choose an ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, or one of the many others that are available today. Of course, you will need the help of developers to setup your ecommerce website using one of these platforms.

In this article, let us take a specific look at why WooCommerce is a great choice to setup your ecommerce website, when compared with similar platforms.

WooCommerce shines over other alternatives

To begin with, WooCommerce is a plugin available for WordPress-based websites. WordPress is free to use, and there are many attractive template available which can be further customized. To set up an ecommerce website, all you need to do is to create a WordPress-based website, and enable WooCommerce plugin. You can easily manage your own online store and the plugin offers flexibility and important features such s secure payments, shipping integration, and inventory and tax management. It is also SEO-friendly, which ensures that your website is easily found organically in search results.

If you looked at the market share, you will quickly realize WooCommerce is the most popular of all ecommerce platforms, occupying an enviable 32% of ecommerce market. Magento holds a marketshare of 18%, while OpenCart and Shopify occupy 11% and 8% of the ecommerce market respectively. If you would like to take a look at the specific numbers, a staggering 176,223 websites use WooCommerce as their preferred ecommerce platform, while only 102,514 websites use Magento. OpenCart is far behind with a mere 60,133 websites using it as their preferred platform.

Now, let us take a look at what makes WooCommerce so popular, and why it is the right ecommerce platform for your website.

1. Free but comprehensive

While WooCommerce is free to use, it also packs in a lot of features that your ecommerce business requires. It makes your website look professional, and ensures that sales transactions go through smoothly. Customers can easily track orders, and you can engage with them using the many tools available within the plugin. You can easily view past orders and delivery statuses, so that you do not have to worry about people leaving bad reviews about your business on social media websites. Some of the other features that WooCommerce offers its users are inventory management, coupon handling, tax adjustments, etc.

2. Setting up is easy

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing an ecommerce platform is its ease of implementation. If you choose a complex platform that requires a lot of custom coding and lengthy deployment, you will miss out on important sales opportunities. The wisest thing an ecommerce business can do is to setup the website as quickly and easily as possible, without much effort. WooCommerce does just that, and your web development team can quickly set it up with the features you and your customers are most likely to use. Customers will find it easy to use as well, as most people are familiar with WordPress-based websites these days. You would be surprised to learn that more than 53% of websites today are run using WordPress.

3. Customize and implement your website easily

What sets WooCommerce apart is its ability to integrate into the WordPress microcosm. WordPress, as we all know, is feature-rich, and comes with a number of plugins for practically all requirements. In addition, WooCommerce has its own extensions, which can be used alongside WordPress plugins. This makes WooCommerce the perfect modular solution for ecommerce business owners. When it comes to running the business, WooCommerce lets you integrate more than 100 payment gateways easily, and there are many themes to choose from. In other words, you can start selling products in no time, and WooCommerce makes running a business a walk in the park.

4. WooCommerce offers perfect backend solutions

Most business owners often worry about configuring different shipping zones and classes. WooCommerce makes this easy with multiple configurable shipping settings. The tool helps you manage your stock and inventory intuitively, while letting you communicate between departments easily as well. In addition, WooCommerce helps you track logistics and ensure that all products are available in the warehouse depending on orders being placed. Premium WooCommerce themes offer clean and error-free codes which ensure that your website will be error-free. In case you have doubts using the tool, you can always consult WooCommerce’s world class documentation or its developer community.

5. WooCommerce is known for its developer community

With more than 42% of ecommerce sites using WooCommerce, there is no doubt that a lot of successful businesses trust this plugin to make their organization grow and scale. It has remained popular since 2011, when it was first launched. Since then, its developer community has grown far and wide, and you will always find accomplished professionals to help you with your website if you want to make changes to your website. In fact, most users observe that WooCommerce community responds to service requests quicker than other ecommerce platforms. After all, it is always reassuring to know that theres someone to help you.

6. Scale your business with analytics and insight

Of all the features an ecommerce platform can offer to a business, it is the analytics that is the most important. A tool that processes data and delivers rich insights will help ecommerce businesses to predict market trends, sales insights, and understand customers better. WooCommerce provides excellent analytics features, while also allowing you too use Google Analytics and similar services. In short, you can gain useful and deep insights about your market and target audience so that you can scale your business quickly. Most importantly, all this insight is displayed on an easy to use interface.

7. WooCommerce is safe and secure

Last but not the least, an ecommerce website has to be safe and secure to use. Card details and financial information of customers should be protected so that there are no untoward incidents. WooCommerce ensures this with a high level of security, and making your website PCI DSS compliant is easy as well. In addition, there are tools and plugins which will help you to enhance existing security measures, so that your credibility remains high among your customers. The more secure your website is, the higher your business’ credibility will be.

WooCommerce hosting will take your website to the next level

As you can see, WooCommerce is a great solution for ecommerce business owners who are looking at launching a sturdy and stable online store. WooCommerce is available for free for WordPress-based websites, and WooCommerce hosting maximizes the performance of your website. While standard hosting works just as fine for WooCommerce websites, an optimized hosting environment ensures your website works quickly and securely. Of course, using WooCommerce will help you to market better and focus on your business strategy, instead of worrying about website performance, security of transactions, and other mundane factors.